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Lighting Hire Nottingham

We want your event to look great as well as sound great. We stock a variety of lighting solutions, from simple sound activated party lights and uplights for weddings to festival stage lighting packages.

For more information on our lighting stock please  

This Compact Par 18 can be mounted/hung or used as a floor uplighter for colour wash effects. Ideal for interior architectural feature lighting, color wash an event backdrop or even used inside a truss rig to add an extra dimension of colour and effect. On-board IEC 13amp inputs and outputs make for easy power linking for up to 15 units from one 13amp plug. 8 lights per flight case  


£12.50 each

pa lighting stage hire nottingham

The Phantom 70 RGBW LED Beam is bright and effective intelligent wash lights in an affordable package - ideal for awards shows, theatre productions or just to add a bit of colour to your event!

- 7x10W RGBW 60mm lens LEDs 
- 5° Beam angle 
- 540° Pan, 270° Tilt 
- Operation over 8,12,16 channels

4 lights per flight case


£17.50 each

pa lighting stage hire nottingham

The The Phantom 50 LED Spot is the bigger brother of the 25 LED Spot and has a 50 W white LED light source. The 50 LED spot has 7 gobo´s with shake effect and the 9 dichros are the same as the 25 LED Spot. This makes them easy to combine. The 50 LED Spot can also be used as a master for the 25 LED spot in a master/slave setup. It has 2 personalities, an advanced 13-channel and a basic 8-channel setting


£15.00 each

Lighting Hire Nottingham

The Chauvet spot 10 is extremely compact and lightweight LED moving head perfect for mobile applications. It has a separate coluor and gobo wheels allow for creative programming as well as sound-activated programs which operate to the beat of the music. The beam Angle is 13° and is capable of generating a synchronized show in Master/Slave mode with built-in automated program


£20.00 each

Lighting Hire Nottingham

An LED colour wash bar, the Showtec Spectral CYC2000 combines a full RGB colour palette and WA, this RGB WA LED bar delivers a full spectrum of colours for uplighting. The Spectral CYC2000 has  25° x 30° elliptical lenses meaning wall or conference set washing is focussed, with minimal light overspill.  

6 per flight case. 


     £25.00 each

The ETC Source Four CE. This fixture changed the lighting industry.  The Source Four combines the energy-saving power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses, for the coolest beam on the market. That means your gels, patterns and shutters last longer and your performance space stays cooler.


 £35.00 each 

Lighting Hire Nottingham
pa stage and lighting hire nottingham

The Showtech blinder 2 DMX has a has a built- in 1 channel dimmer, controlled and dimmed by DMX. Essential for any small to medium festival and make up part of our festival lighting package.


  • Power: 1300 W

  • Light: 2x par 36

  • 120 V / 650 W (DWE)

  • Control: DMX


     £20.00 each 

pa stage and lighting nottingham

The Orbit 70 w moving heads are vivid colour wash moving heads. Control via DMX with Strobe, dimmer, pan, tilt and more. Easy to operate creating a stunning lighting show on sound activated settings or used a part of a controlled DMX set up. 


 £30.00 a pair

Pa system hire

The Chauvet Par effects 9 LED is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. With RGB and UV in outer ring it's the perfect disco light for your event. It's easy to operate creating a stunning lighting show on sound activated settings or used a part of a controlled DMX set up. 


 £15.00 each

pa stage lighting hire nottingham

Generic PAR 36 disco. It's lightweight and easy to operate creating a stunning lighting show on sound activated settings or used a part of a controlled DMX set up. Dotted around a room as up-lights or mounted on stands for live events 


 £5.00 each

lighting hire nottingham

Chauvet gig bar 2.0  has built-in programs include all four effects for a spectacular lighting performance. With added UV pars and strobes to provide increased colour mixing possibilities and effects. 

     The mounting brackets and bar make it instantly ready for use with no extra cost


   £25.00 each

lighting hire nottingham

Bay Sound System disco lighting bar comprising of two Orbit 70 moving heads, a Chauvet par effects 9 and a par 36 LED. This lighting bar gives you a variety of colours and effects and comes with an easy to erect 2 metre lighting stand as part of the package. All lights can be set on DMX or sound activation. 


£40.00 each

PA and Lighting Hire Nottingham

Bay Sound System disco lighting bar comprising of four par 36 LED lights and a small laser. All the Pars can be set to either DMX or sound activation and the laser has four settings and a speed dial.

Suppled with an easy to erect 2m lighting stand this lighting bar is 

perfect for small discos and weddings


£30.00 each

Hire Lighting Nottingham

The 512 DMX lighting console is compact,  lightweight and it gives you control over 12 lights each with 16 channels making it is the perfect solution for live music shows, partys and amateur theatre. Sound activated mode is great, but sometimes you need more. A basic demo will be provided by one of our techs and we can preprogramme a few settings to get you started. 


£15.00 each

Lighting Hire Nottingham

The Enttec Open DMX Interface is a simple and quick solution for controlling your DMX devices from your PC with ease. It's compact and lightweight, just hook it up with your PC via a USB cable and away you go. The perfect portable solution for live music and amateur theatre.


£25.00 each

Lighting Hire Nottingham
Lighting Hire Nottingham
Lighting Hire Nottingham
Lighting Hire Nottingham

3 metre winch bar with four rigging points. 15 KG collapse to 1.5M


£15 each

lighting hire nottingham

2 metre adjustable lighting stand with 8 rigging points. 8KG collapse to 1.3M


£10 each


Bay Sound Systems

Address: Unit F4 Roden House, Roden St, Nottingham NG3 1JH






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